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Are you repowering or upgrading your Yamaha 6X6 Binnacle Control mount remote control? One of the main issue you may run into is finding out that the mounting holes are different. Our conversion kit will allow you to mount your new Yamaha 6X9 Digital Electronic Control and at the same time cover the mounting holes for the Yamaha 6x6 Single, Twin, Triple, and Quad binnacle mount remote control. 

Conversion kit includes the following:

  •  1/2" Matte Black Acrylic Panel
  • Gloss Black Acrylic insert with boat logo
  • (3) 1.5” Back Studs (Hardware Included)
  • Mounting Hole Template 
  • Yamaha 6X9  Digital Electronic Control Mounting holes


Our Conversion kit covers the following 6X6 Binnacle Control mounting holes. We have provided the Yamaha part numbers for reference.

6X6 Single Binnacle:

  • 6X6-48205-31 
  • 6X6-48205-41 
  • 6X6-48205-51 

6X6 Twin Binnacle:

  • 6X6-48207-31
  • 6X6-48207-41
  • 6X6-48207-51

6X6 Triple Binnacle:

  • 6X6-48208-41
  • 6X6-48208-51

6X6 Quad Binnacle:

  • 6X6-48209-01
  • 6X6-48209-11